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 The benefits of the Tablet Pc.

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The benefits of the Tablet Pc. Empty
PostSubject: The benefits of the Tablet Pc.   The benefits of the Tablet Pc. I_icon_minitimeMon Oct 17, 2011 3:12 pm

Now it's the time of tablet home pc, from overshadowed by the end of last year DieZhao apple company ipad 2 out, except for each computer manufacturers launch they in the operating system, the built-in different edition and application software pattern out聽 let's ringing-off the hook. Following the market preheating period and the reduction of iPAd an individual generation, many manufacturers throughout pricing, as had ulterior objective in 3499 yuan (unified, 32GB), however think it over, just in about 2 years ago at the moment, another kind of fresh IT product carries a great Internet Ben attention, at the present, Web prices are 2999 yuan "affinity". possible
Present market situation pattern
Looking currently products, the majority of tablet computer carrying Google's forensic technique, a few launch Microsof company Windows system and single big apple iOS, mostly capacity involving 16GB and 32GB, the most capacity is only聽 64GB, currently brand model is roughly ipad, lenovo le Pad, samsung amongst Tab, MOTOROLA MOTO XOOM, acer A500 as well as asus ePad. Appart flat market products not just numerous and species countless. Compared with the Internet this market since 2009 cereus becomes increasingly tends calm just after blossoms, except YouPa, samsung producer and update products outside the house, it is some non-traditional laptop or computer manufacturers fortress manufacturers, and consumers had lost a feeling of the propaganda focused ear melt naturally neglected taplet pc.

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The benefit of the Taplet PC
Fasting boot
It's beliveable that users must be fed up with the experience of home or office desktop and notebook boot to learn than 40 seconds, compare towards the Taplet pc performance, speed and restricted to system powered with processors; In tablet computer memory type hard disk drive, strong mobile platform are guaranteed the feasibility about its five seconds sneaker. For the young gens no patience to wait for turning speaking, 5 seconds boot has got the quite big allure.
Gentle flat weight
Chinese people always say their external qualities of strong, but in contrast to foreign europeans especially group of women is not. So inside it products size, weight for daily 10 inch eligibility monitor tablet pc is very good, more than 700 grams of posture in your control of a single hand聽 have zero reading burden. 10 in . screen outside posture quite thin, light, thickness under 1Cm in nearby bag at hand very relaxed, can enjoy flat happiness everywhere. When compared to Internet for 10. 6-11 inches from the fuselage, hard drive HDD weight at 1500 h above the fuselage, transportable or as tablet LAPTOP OR COMPUTER.
Big finger touch feeling stronger
At this time would thank to the apple company. An apple mobile mobile phone, let people touch from the mechanical buttons, and touch technology stage rapid bear forward. But in no tablet computer, besides phones before this thing to 1 application is more DaBing among computer, the screen sizing span seems bigger, for many simple games in 5 inch screen phone even still is too small, and one computer normally 20-inch screen is too big. Also good at iphone and timely put iPAd products sent to our eyes, we really shine right now, apple's earnings also lighted up. Will tell to touch technology, the Internet this is won't consider all charge problem is difficult to fix. <! --INFOLINKS_OFF-->.
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The benefits of the Tablet Pc.
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