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 Unafraid Of Death For the Kmt In The War For the Seven Sisters.

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PostSubject: Unafraid Of Death For the Kmt In The War For the Seven Sisters.   Unafraid Of Death For the Kmt In The War For the Seven Sisters. I_icon_minitimeFri Oct 21, 2011 2:40 pm

"Lofty Yanshan high, Xiaoxiao Yishui Han, characters Five Heroes, Megatron Langya. " This short composition praises yes yes all of us are familiar with the "Langya Five Heroes" story: the fall months of 1941, Yi Nation, Hebei Province, five bit anti-Japanese heroes in an effort to cover the masses of this Eighth Route Army and the transfer of the asus eee computer system 8g(1g ram) laptop battery, decided to lead the enemy at the Langya, no bullets, these hit with stones; enemy on the horizon, and for dignity, they decided jumping into the body martyred, with lives and blood to put in writing out a magnificent magnificent poem.

Kuomintang army during the war, there have been comparable to the anti-Japanese hero Langya A few Heroes, which unafraid of death within the tragic stories of wiggling ZZZZZZZZZ. They are fighting in Burma and then the Chinese Expeditionary Force during the battle of the KMT collective martyrdom of seven women of all ages Yidian Yuan, known being the "seven sisters of typically the KMT. "

After the war began, the Japanese effort to force forced termination "third country" guide to China activities. The cold winter months of 1939, the Japanese occupation in Nanning, Singapore through Vietnam, Haiphong restrict international lines of interaction.

Spring of 1940, japan bombing of Vietnam Railway wanton bad; June to force France to the request to stop shipping and Vietnam. Still, the Japanese do not give up, in September, the Japanese invaded Vietnam, and provide friendship treaty with Thailand, Yunnan together with Vietnam comprehensive line bust. Burma Road has become a unique channel aid for you to China.

Myanmar is Southeast Asia's strategic importance over the peninsula of the land. West-screen British India, upper and northeastern borders having Tibet and Yunnan. Burma Streets is China's important overseas lines of communication, whereby japan threat to China's southwestern hinterland at the same time. For the Allies with Burma

Britain has important strategic significance for at the same time sides. After the outbreak of this Pacific War, the Japanese swept through Southeast Asia in any short hp pavilion zt1130 mobile computer battery, then directed on Myanmar.

In order to defend the strategic importance of Burma, the British brewing programs early 1941 to arrange military alliances. China actively prepare and submit the Chinese military deployed to Myanmar right away. After the outbreak of this Pacific War, December twenty-three, 1941, in Chongqing, Singapore and Britain signed any "Burma Road, the Sino-British bowl defense agreement, " the formation within the Sino-British military alliance.

Yet, the strength of the Chinese army Yingjunqingshi, too overestimate their own personal, but also do not want to further their own foreign troops colony postponement Zunao Chinese expeditionary affiliate marketing online Burma is scheduled to be able to Ru Burma's Chinese Expeditionary Power in Burma Bianjing Zhihaotingliu. Yet, early in January 1942 japan launched attacks in the British Burma Army right to defeat, this fast please the Chinese army entered the war in Burma. As operations have lost the initiative, which results in loss of the battle to protect Burma. This is mainly because the British insisted Asia Before Europe's established extreme tactic, once the adverse situation of this war, they lost all involvement with the defense of Burma, but has repeatedly retreated to guard the Chinese expeditionary coerce into Burma's operations cover the British withdrawal of combat.

Nevertheless, the Chinese Expeditionary Army holds fighting in Burma within first Anglo-American allies have made to the Allied admiration file, and achieve a sure strategic objectives. From March 1942 this Chinese Expeditionary Army began fighting when using the Japanese, to early August the evacuation of British forces in Myanmar, which lasted few months, he moved more compared with 1, 500 km, soft battles, repeatedly frustrated the enemy's front, so japan have been rare because Pacific War a hefty blow, many powerful support into the British Burma Army made war aided by the old guard, Svalbard barring action, Yenangyaung siege discord, Taunggyi recovered warfare victory.

Miles to go towards win the battle, out Santos Ruofei. Exotic missions, intelligence work is notably important. Dai Li then within control of the KMT sent expeditionary force along the starting staff, among them a team of female students in Qingpu Proficient classes, served as Yidian Yuan into the Expeditionary Force. Which together with the new seven female Yi Dianyuan thirty-eight Division operations.

The spring of 1942, he graduated from Virginia Military Institute, General Sun Li-jen within the rate of new thirty-eight Division found its way to Myanmar, at which time period, the West line of this British Empire and that Burmese Army Infantry First Division on the Seventh Armored Brigade surrounded japan in Yenangyaung, lack of food to help with making bombs, water cut down, desperate. General Sun was ordered to send 113, starry night rush into the rescue mission, Liu put my venture at 16 o'clock over the 16th when he headed the troops rushed in the clever Kerber. British Burma's marine commander, General Slime personally met April 17 and ordered the regiment by car in the flat wall side by side with Antioch River region Brigadier General Secretary of the compaq 204263-001 laptop power, attack and destroy the flat wall on both sides within the road about two miles north bank of this enemy. 18 am side by side with Antioch Group 113 Chariots with Brigadier General Secretary in the Japanese launched a strong attack towards afternoon that captured Japanese positions, and annihilated some brigade, and lifted the siege of seven a multitude British troops, and rescued japan captured the British Army officers and soldiers, missionaries and journalists around five hundred people. Battle Yenangyaung Burma Expeditionary Force in China searching for victory, and the only Allied victory in the Asian battlefield, Sun was the dissatisfaction by using a thousand troops, had repulsed the enemy a couple of times, had rescued nearly ten times the friendly pushes, Chiang Kai-shek issued 3 other clouds rejoice record medal in recognition of Sun Li-jen. President Roosevelt even conferred on him, "Feng Gong" honor, the King George VI awarded him the Commander within the Order of British Empire.

Given that Japanese is too competitive, and Yenangyaung After this war, Britain decided to help abandon the Burma, The indian subcontinent evacuated, the new cover of this British forces thirty-eight Category retreat. In late April, after the British withdrawal in the west of Mandalay got fled to India. Chinese Expeditionary Forces to your First Route Du Yuming, deputy commander within the dissatisfaction of the British rejected the theater when he was appointed chief of staff of Stilwell's details to him to distance themself to India, and the implementation of this Chiang Kai-shek to take north of Yunnan to his command. Du Yuming the rate results by way of the Fifth Army was blocking and chasing japan, losing the best time to cross the Savage Huge batch, half buried in any savage mountains.

Generation of star Sun-generated Li-jen good stock within the situation is that the Savage Mountain is not feasible, make a induce decision to withdraw so that you can India, the rate of new teachers thirty-eight evacuated west India. In the division of the seven new thirty-eight female Yidian Yuan together with the KMT retreated. At time the Japanese had control on the main traffic arteries, swiftly forward, constantly being Expeditionary Force retreating Japanese troops attacked numerous casualties.

This organization really became a "beggar dog, showed their walk, " they also tough, encountered along the way has been and death struggle to your Japanese. India-Burma border, as soon as they retreated when the pitch, escort radio squad instantly ambushed by Japanese troopers.

The situation is very critical, because at time try to play the Chinese soldiers had dry out. Instant cover personnel everywhere over the sacrifice, and the remaining ten female Yi Dianyuan your KMT catch the enemy on a hillside, a vicious Japanese troops rushed to include a flood.

Breakthrough undoable, dead or down, at the same time had no compaq presario x6000 notebook computer battery. The seven women saw the KMT agents rather die than surrender, did not hesitate to quickly smashed the air, everyone shouted out "Long dwell the Republic! " Saying, then sounding the grenade and jump up from the cliff, no one fell in the Japanese hands.

Sadly with who heaven and earth. Seven people have a particular name the youngest female Yidian Yuan Yao grenade did not explode a result of Dead, but Zhuiya subsequent to fractures, weak move. Four days after the pro-China Kachin guerrillas found that the effect of his injuries, leaving the end after a statement, also from a foreign land forever closed his eyes.

In the country of the KMT headquarters over the seven female Yi Dianyuan expedition martyred conducted a great memorial, the only female of this KMT, Major General Jiang Yiying word pro-memorial, and water transport silk factory in Chongqing their office window, planted ten roots of Canna, the KMT officers also known as the "Seven Sisters. inches

The martyrdom of seven within the KMT, Qingpu, and any other female Yi Dianyuan are young students enrolled in TC. Long service during the bureau's Kuomintang Army when the liberation, Mr. intoxicated will induce the perfect opportunity before accepting that, during the seven sisters, actually one can find two is a Communist. However, death, and no an individual knows their true personality. In full swing regarded as, inspired by the ideal in saving the nation, the number of passionate young die on your country, and finally gained the very last victory of war!

Counting within the Chinese army in Burma, Burma-India Society War, which lasted 36 months and 3 months, China invested an overall of 40 million troopers, casualties nearly 20 k people. China's brave and courageous military expedition within the blood and lives in order to a very tragic history of any Sino-Japanese War. They as well as re-opened the international lines of communication, making the steady flow of abroad aid to China things imported into China, and southwest China to the Japanese away from toshiba pa3383u-1brs laptop battery, opened a frontal battlefields, the prelude to Japanese counterattack, clamp, and additionally hit the northern Burma, Nippon western Yunnan, recovered lots of the Allies created favorable conditions in Myanmar.
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Unafraid Of Death For the Kmt In The War For the Seven Sisters.
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