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 How To Purchase The Best Turntable For Home And Dj Use

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How To Purchase The Best Turntable For Home And Dj Use Empty
PostSubject: How To Purchase The Best Turntable For Home And Dj Use   How To Purchase The Best Turntable For Home And Dj Use I_icon_minitimeTue Nov 08, 2011 3:45 pm

How to purchase the top turntable...Really depends on your cash flow and what you intend to use it for. 燭he professional DJ will have different likes/dislikes than the home enthusiast. 燣ets look at a few of the functions that should be hashed out.

What type of drive mechanism does it have? 燭here are two basic types. 燘elt drive and direct drive. 燭he belt drive is often more useful to home use. 燗 DJ however will normally opt for the direct drive because of 爐he fact that the mechanism connects directly to the record platter and offers the greatest torque. 燬tops and starts are nearly immediate. 燘elt drives have a tendancy to loosen up as time goes on and can affect the pitch. 燛specially when a turntable is put through the rigors a DJ would put it through. 燘ecause of the fact that the motor is directly underneath the plater in direct drive turntables, they are given to be somewhat noisier than belt drives. 燱hile this should be acceptable at the club where there is a lot of ambient noise anyway, home installations might find it problematic. 燨f the two, direct drives are more pricey.

Is it USB connectable? 燯SB turntables make it quick to hook them directly to your computer and via the included software transform your retro vinyl to mp3 files. 燚J's and home enthusiasts alike progit from this feature. 燗lthough if this is not a concern to you, there are turntables which do not come with this feature. 燭hose that do not can always record analog out of the turntable to analog in on the computer as a work around.

Price. 燭here is a vast range of price tags for turntables, with some of the DJ models coming close to $1000 or more. 燞ome turntables may be purchased for $100. 燡ust depends on your requirements and budget. 燳ou get what you pay for though.

Pitch Control. 燚J's will find the machines with variable pitch function valuable in cueing up and matching the timing of songs. 燩robably not a big feature in home use, but you never know.

Forward and reverse. 燗gain another great feature useful for DJ effects. 燘ut you never know. 燬ome home hobbyists may want to know what the Beatles really said on a few of their tunes that used "backward masking". Now's your chance!

Automatic start and stop. 燬ome turntables offer automatic start and stop. 燭he stop function really eliminates wear and tear on the mechanisms because it stops when it gets to the end of the record. 燚J's probably won't use this feature much because they never get to the end of the record. 燭hey just continue looping!

Construction. 燨bviously some turntables are more roadworthy than others. 燞ome users may not won't care much, except if your wife is one of those who needs to routinely rearrange the furniture. 營f you DJ and haul equipment to your gigs you will want a solid base and cover and a locking mechanism on the tone arm. 燗 word to the wise...

Speed. 燭urntable srun at 33 1/3, 45, and 78 rpm. Be certain you have all three speeds, or there may be some things you can't play.

Conclusion. 燬eems the sound of vinyl has never quite gone out of fashion. 燭he turntable you use to play it on will be largely decided by you rmney situation and how you intend to use it. 燚J's have to have certain options, while home enthusiasts will want something else. 燬ome options may be 爐o both. 燨nly you can decide! 燤ore information can be found here.


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How To Purchase The Best Turntable For Home And Dj Use
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