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 Scenario Data transfer on Musical Keyboards with use of floppy to USB emulator

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PostSubject: Scenario Data transfer on Musical Keyboards with use of floppy to USB emulator   Sun Nov 13, 2011 4:22 pm

This floppy to USB emulator is tested and worked perfect on almost of Yamaha PSR (540, 550, 630, 640, 730, 740, 1000, 1100, 2000, 2100....), Roland E50, KORG PA50, and GEM WK2.Everything works as if you were working on floppies, just the media changes to Pen Drive instead of floppies. The floppy to USB converter is just the replica of legacy 1.44 MB FDD, looks like that, uses same 34 pin channel and same power connectors. The floppy to USB just befools the whole apparatus as if it were working on same floppy method.The process is as follows: On Computer 1. We will divide a pen drive into 100 partitions of 1.44 MB capacity each ( Software & User Manual provided on our website)2. Transfer the music files/data from computer onto the relevant block (flppy0 to flppy99), by selecting the block using software. ( See PDF/Video Manual on website )On Keyboard1. The indicator on floppy to USB emulator front showing (0.0.) initially, will be converted to 00 (Means that pen drive has been accepted). Now each block of the pen drive will act as floppy ( Namely 00 to 99 )2. Toggle to the block on which you transferred the Music/data. Start transferring the files from floppy (a Smile (Now USB) as you did always.3. Change the block from front panel of floppy to USB converter to access the relevant block you need. 4. You can even write back to the USB Flash Stick, just in the same way you did with floppies. Once you have done with write back process (from keyboard to USB), insert the pen drive into Computer. Select the block in Software and read the data you took from Keyboard.Red Switch/Control-Button: In front of floppy to USB emulator (Mostly used with Yamaha Version of Keyboards) It Controls the communication between the floppy to USB emulator and keyboards.Button-off: Allows a player to select the relevant virtual floppy. Button-on: allows keyboards to communicate the floppy to USB emulator and load data from a virtual floppy in USB flash stick.We are in process of developing the floppy to USB emulator to support 720 kb format support. Will get the same closed by Jan-End 2011.Enjoy the smooth ride by adding USB support to old Keyboards

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Scenario Data transfer on Musical Keyboards with use of floppy to USB emulator
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