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 How To Make Dm800 Find The Portable Hard Drive

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How To Make Dm800 Find The Portable Hard Drive Empty
PostSubject: How To Make Dm800 Find The Portable Hard Drive   How To Make Dm800 Find The Portable Hard Drive I_icon_minitimeWed Nov 09, 2011 5:18 pm

DM800 is a satellite receiver produced by Dream Multimedia. If you are a fan of satellite TV, you should know well about it. DM800 is an excellent machine though, when the fans are using DM800, they found one problem hard to solve, which is DM800 can抰 find the connected portable hard drive. When surfing the forums all over the world, you will find this same problem. Now, let抯 try the elimination method and analysis to solve this problem.
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The fact is that if we attach an USB flash disk to DM800, Dreambox will remind you that it can find the USB flash disk and tries to format it. However, when we attach a 50G portable hard drive to DM800 use the USB port, DM800 doesn抰 do anything. Dreambox can抰 find the portable hard drive, so it cannot do the initialization and mount the portable hard drive either. That means you cannot use the feature of DM800---record video steam.
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There may be some reasons, lets exam them one after another.
1. The fans of satellite TV on forums said maybe the user uses a portable hard drive which cannot support LINUX operating system and that caused the above problem. However, if you use a portable hard drive which said it could operate under LINUX system, it could not be mounted onto DMJ800 either. So the problem is not about the hard drive itself.
2. There is another saying on the forum said that if the portable hard disk is formatted under Microsoft Windows operating system, it could not be recognized under a LINUX system. This is also wrong. If we format the portable hard drive under LINUX system and format it to EXT2 or EXT3 format, you will find it doesn抰 work either. So the problem is not about the format.
3. Since DM800 can recognize the USB flash disk no matter what format it uses, the function of hardware or software on DM800 won抰 have any problem. So the problem must happen on accessories.
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Actually, if we put our hands on the portable hard disk, we will find that it doesn抰 move at all. If the portable doesn抰 move, how can it be recognized by DM800? So the problem is about the power supply. When using a portable hard drive which can attach outer power supply, DM800 gives out the prompt quickly. Now, we solve the problem successfully. We can record what we like onto portable hard drive now.

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How To Make Dm800 Find The Portable Hard Drive
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