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 Is 4g A Solution For Your Hectic Life

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Is 4g A Solution For Your Hectic Life Empty
PostSubject: Is 4g A Solution For Your Hectic Life   Is 4g A Solution For Your Hectic Life I_icon_minitimeThu Nov 10, 2011 3:54 pm

Are you one of those people who is always on the move, and that抯 how you like it? There are homebodies and then there抯 you: running to meet your friends after work, or picking up the kids from daycare. Then you抳e got a party to get to, and then another party after that. In the morning, you check your e-mails, rush to do some errands, and zoom over to the office. During the day, you have clients all over town. How to cope?

Finally, the ultimate way to get things done has arrived, and it抯 called 4G. Cities across the country now offer this mobile technology as a solution to the old mobile wireless frustrations. Tired of slow, undependable, clunky cell phone Internet service? Do you want to use your laptop while you ride in the taxi or wait in the doctor抯 office? Bingo ?you can do that now, no hotspot needed.

Now your hotspot is miles and miles, with coverage across the city. What does this mean for people with crazy lifestyles? It means free time or waiting time does not have to be wasted. If you抳e ever sat waiting for the dentist, thinking about how much time抯 a-wasting, fret no more. You can download files in a flash, catch up on a flood of e-mails, or watch your favorite show on Hulu.

Sports fans can catch live sports while out and about, while social butterflies prefer to spend their free moments video chatting. It used to be that this kind of Internet speed could only be gotten at home with broadband service ?but with 4G, that speed is in your car or at the park. You can get the fastest USB modem in the U.S. without breaking the bank.

For those with a tech phobia, installation is a snap. Plug the modem into your laptop and get online. Download music from iTunes at lightning speed or share photos with friends and family. There抯 even a voice plan that offers local and long distance and allows you to get rid of your landline phone. You can forward calls to different phones and check your voicemail from your e-mail (using .wav attachments).

Power went out at home again? No problem ?this uses towers, not land-based technology. You can sit in the dark and still get your business taken care of while the rest of your street is dark.

This is coverage for people ?not specific places. And because people have lives, the technology has to move with them. Download speeds of 6 Mbps are possible, compared to the 1 Mbps with 3G technology. Sometimes the speed has bursts of up to 15 Mbps.

You need technology to be as mobile as you are. If you can抰 sit still, this mobile technology is for you. You don抰 have to be tied down anymore to use your laptop ?travel anywhere within the city and still be covered. Coverage extends for miles and miles; Atlanta alone has 1,200 square miles of coverage, with enough coverage for three million people to use. Anytime can be productive time now.

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Is 4g A Solution For Your Hectic Life
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